Development Projects in China

Economic Conditions

China has the second largest economy in the word and has the fastest growing economy of any major country. They are also the world’s second largest importer and the largest exporter. Doors are open for business in China with tremendous opportunities for strategic relations with this growing country.

The tourism market in China is also rapidly expanding. It is expected to be the world’s number one travel destination by 2020 with over 130 million international visitors. With increased visitors and a rapidly growing economy, the economic conditions are ideal for projects in China.

Current Interests

Southworth International has a number of strategic partners within China and is currently focusing on several extensive projects near Beijing including an Exhibition Center and developing over 11.5 sq. miles (30 sq. km) within the New China International District being developed along the 7th ring road of Beijing.

The vision for both the Exhibition Center and the New China International District support the Central Government’s plans by reducing the demand on the Beijing infrastructure and creating an environment that attracts visitors and business investment activity.