Luxury Exhibition Center

The Municipal Government of Langfang, China has engaged Southworth International and Bestsun Energy Group to plan, design and build a new, world-class exhibition and conference center. This will be a world-renowned venue where nations, cities, businesses, organizations and international visitors can meet creating a synergy of talent, culture, technology, education, arts, manufacturing, and services. It will also become the showcase for the International Demonstration Park (IDP). The IDP development was recently awarded to Southworth/Bestsun. The project will be developed on a 30 square kilometer (11.5 sq. mile) site along the 7th Ring Road of Beijing, near the Dragon River.

The Government has also stated that this area will be ideal to ease the pressure on Beijing because of close proximity, lower property values, accessibility, and open space. Both the Luxury Exhibition Center and the IDP are well situated to become the new gateway for domestic and international business and tourism in China.

Principle Objectives:

  • Create the number one exhibition and convention center in the Beijing/Tianjin corridor
    • Ability to accommodate increasing numbers of visitors
    • Capacity to host large, medium, and small events
    • Easy access through a developed transportation network
  • Establish an international gateway for global commerce (“Trade Mart”)
    • Facilitate interaction between business people from all over the world
    • Brings investment to the region
    • Creates a hub for business partnerships
  • Serve as a link to the International Development Park
    • Provide a window to business, cultural, educational, residential and other developments at the IDP
    • International marketing to include demonstrations, models and future plans for the IDP
    • Attracts domestic and foreign investment for IDP development Partners.

Over the past ten years, China has taken over 200 million people from poverty to middle class. This startling accomplishment has fueled one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The new Luxury Exhibition Center and the International Development Park will become the heart of the economic activity springing up in the region just south of Beijing.