Understanding Client Needs
Southworth Clients

Southworth has developed its international expertise by understanding its customers’ needs and then providing an appropriate solution. Often a client is faced with a financial or strategic challenge that stands in the way of their success. Southworth relies on its broad range of experience and a global network of resources to engineer a solution for its customer.

This pattern for success is what sets Southworth apart from other financial advisory firms who rely on a limited toolbox of resources that are typically provided by their own company or lending institution. Southworth is not prejudiced or confined by narrowly defined parameters of one or two financial partners. Its international network of investors, lenders, multi-lateral agencies and government resources provide a diverse network of resources that can be accessed and promoted based upon the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for its clients.

Partial List of Past Clients

Asset-based Financing

  • AT&T
  • Harnischfeger Corporation
  • Caterpillar (Solar Turbines)
  • Ciba Geigy (Switzerland)
  • Die Datenverarbeitungs Gesellschaft (Schleswig, Holstein, Germany)
  • Magdeburger Feuer Versicherungs-AG (Germany)
  • Shearson Lehman
  • Rocky Mountain State Bank (Utah)
  • Barnes Bank (Utah)
  • Zions Bank (Utah)
  • New York Life Insurance Company
  • DataServ AG (Dusseldorf, Germany)
  • Atlantic Computers Plc (London)
  • America West Airlines
  • West Air (United Airlines designated carrier)
  • CSA Czech Airlines
  • Forasol S.A./ Elf Aquataine (France)
  • IBM Corporation
  • Info Gesellschaft (Hamburg, Germany)
  • Hong Kong Shanghai Bank (Concord Leasing)
  • Pescaven S.A. (Spain)
  • Astilleros de Huelva, S.A. (Spain)
  • Geneva Steel Company
  • Universal Metals


Management Advisory Services

  • Bestsun Energy Group (China)
  • Maricopa Refining Company
  • Arizona Clean Fuels, LLC
  • Leciva a.s. (Czech Republic)
  • Rempo a.s. (Czech Republic)
  • Ministry of Defense (Czech Republic)
  • Republic of Ghana
  • Universal Scrap Metals, Inc.
  • Qingdao Iron & Steel Group Holding Company, Ltd.
  • Ghana Airways
  • Maricopa Refinery Company
  • Arizona Clean Fuels, LLC
  • In-Store Digital Media, Inc.
  • Alta Health, Inc.
  • American Medical Specialty Organization, Inc.