Problem Resolution & Business Consulting

Southworth International is uniquely poised to assist its clients in the resolution of many issues that may impede their progress or keep them from operating successfully in a world class environment. Often, these same issues may discourage investors and strategic prospects from participating in transactions with the client. Therefore, it behooves the client to understand and resolve those issues quickly and efficiently. Southworth International has assisted its clients in various ways:

Evaluation of Circumstances: Sometimes it requires an outside business consultant like Southworth International that is trained and experienced to provide an objective evaluation of a company’s operations. A thorough evaluation and market comparison can give a business critical information about its position relative to its competitors.

Business Plan Development: Southworth has achieved distinguished status by assisting its clients in developing countries to meet or exceed world class standards of quality in manufacturing, financial management, sales and marketing, logistics, personnel management and operations. This remarkable success requires a complete overhaul of the business plan, an aggressive program for change that includes training, statistical analysis, and benchmarking with customers, strategic partners and industry experts. Southworth utilizes the award criteria of the Malcolm Balderidge Program promoted by the Department of Commerce of the United States of America as essential to building and sustaining a competitive, world class business plan.

Developing Strategic Partnerships: Often Southworth will solicit the participation of strategic partners, some of which have participated in the Malcolm Balderidge Program or have participated as an applicant for the prestigious award. The Program requires participants to teach others how they were able to to achieve a world class standard of success. Usually, the idea of working with partners in foreign countries is exciting to employees and in some cases opens new markets and potential relationships.

Financial Services: With a world class business plan that charts a course from a company’s current status to a level of world class performance brings many opportunities to Southworth clients. Strategic partners are enticed to work with a company in new markets and with partners that demonstrate a willingness to conform its practices to a more efficient and productive pattern. Investors also appreciate and understand the financial benefits of these calculated improvements and often provide necessary capital required for the implementation of the business plan, such as acquisition of equipment that will improve production efficiencies, the building of inventories, enhancement of marketing budgets, and for the development of strategic relationships with other companies. Southworth International works closely with its clients to achieve these important objectives.