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May 2011 Langfang, China

The 2nd Annual APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) Meeting sponsored by the China APEC Development Council was held on May 18-19th at Langfang, Heibei Province, China. The meeting was organized under the guidance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and sponsored by China APEC Development Council with strong support from the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, China International Friendship Cities Association, and the China APEC Academy.

During the two-day conference, SunWorth Development Group, a joint venture between Bestsun (Baichuan) Energy Group of China and Salt Lake City-based Southworth International, unveiled the master plan of a 30 square kilometer, technologically advanced eco/green city located in close proximity to downtown Beijing.
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Sunworth Development Group

Salt Lake City-based Southworth International and China-based Bestsun Energy Group, have formed a new joint venture named, Sunworth Development Group, which has negotiated and received approval from municipal, provincial, and central Chinese governments to build a new, technologically advanced and eco/green international city named Wei Lai located directly in the heart of this new growth district.

As a model city of the future, incorporating innovative technologies and eco/green solutions, the international city of Wei Lai is located in Langfang, within a few miles of downtown Beijing, and 35 miles from China’s second largest port city of Tianjin. Wei Lai is a master planned 30 square kilometer (11.5 mile) development that will become a new gateway to Beijing and a new, emerging commercial epicenter of China.
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Marcus Southworth with John Howard, Fmr. Prime Minister of Australia at the 2011 China APEC Developement Meeting.
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